Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My feelings for next year.....

 I reckon that next year will be just the same as this year. Being a year eight is going to be the same as this year. I hope that next year will be better for me I’ve gotten in trouble way to much this year but next year I will do my best not to do bad things. I feel happy about this year even though I had some some up’s and downs. I wish that I could go back to year four when I was in room twelve when I was with all my mates.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My friends the Nz_Clan...

These are my mates. Kendrix , Lorenzo , Waata , Potaua , Gabriel , Kane , Xaiver , then me James.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook reflection...

To be honest I have had my netbook for nearly three years now and it has been very awesome. The internet has been having more problems, than last year. But other than that, my netbook has been entertaining and educating me. I have dropped my netbook and it has been still ok.

I do my writing , reading and maths on my netbook. I have become a better speller because of the mistake fixer on my netbook every time I spell a word wrong. I have learnt a lot from the my netbook it would be cool if everyone had netbook.

I would never go back to paper and pencil old school style. The reason why I would not go back to paper and pencil. Because it was boring and it does not have auto speller.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Film Festival

On Wednesday the whole school went to the film festival at Sylvia Park. We all got on the bus at 1:05 and set off on our trip to hoyts to watch some exciting and inspirational films. We all got to Sylvia and then we went in the cinema and sat on our seats.

We talked in the dark cinema waiting for the movies to start. Then out of nowhere the lights shone on the stage. The Teacher from Tamaki College , Mr Dunn was on stage telling us the rules and no food in the cinema.

Then as he walked off stage the first film Came on. It was One Direction East side style. All the schools at the manaiakalani festival cheered loud and proud of the East side style.

There were many awesome videos... But the One Direction was my favourite. Because it was funny and also joyful.

We all had a blast it was pretty fun. (:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day...

On Thursday recently we held our athletics on the school fields. We got lined up in our .age groups and listened, carefully to our instructions. We all fled from the courts and went to our first event was the ball throwing.

“Arrrgh” we all tried our best throwing the big bouncy ball the furthest. One by one we showed our true strength but most of us were not strong enough to take it out. Only three stepped up to the plate and won. The three people that won 1st , 2nd , and 3rd, were Tana , Kendrix , and then Darius.

The next event that we went

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favourite Toy ....

My favourite toy is the Xbox 360. The Xbox tradition has been going for years ever since a team from Microsoft invented it. Bill Gates is the boss of the worldwide selling company Microsoft.

The cool features on the Xbox 360 is that you can play online, keep in contact with your family and friends from around the world. Also you could watch videos and play music on the console.

But most of all people buy this console to do one main thing, play games. There are many fantastic games but right now, my personal favourite is the one and only Rugby League Live 2. It has cool features in it such as, tactical passes, slick plays, and realistic characters.

I think that my favourite toy, the Xbox 360 is magnificent.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Stormy night

Long ago there was a family that lived on a farm. They owned a lot of land and were the biggest family in the town. They also had their own company sponsoring the less fortunate. Their names were the Corleones. The man of the house was Mac. He lived with his wife, sister and dog. 

One night there was a terrifying storm that hit the roof and left a massive leak in the family’s house. Mac tried to fix the leak. The family all came in the living room to watch Mac fix the ceiling. His face was getting wet and his wife was getting entertained. In the end Mac fixed the puddle on the roof.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The girls rugby game ....?

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining there were no sign of rain and it was good for a intense rugby match. The Point England girls went out and represented us for rugby.... Against who you might ask? The mighty beasts Koru intermediate. They are located in the south side of auckland in the strong areas such Otahuhu , Mangere and Otara.

They had all types of girls. They had tall , short , fast and smart girls. So at 1:40 the girls started their game off with a big kick boom it goes down far. Jaylee did pretty big hits in the game she even injured some girls from Koru. Selina did good plays to get her team in there their territory.

The score was a tie three tries all. So of course this was going to be and hard and exciting. The hard work in training all had to pay off to steal a win. “Errrrrr”! The hooter went so Stephanie got the ball and kicked the ball out.

It went to overtime all their hearts were pounding and it could show. It was visible , Point England had to defend with ana and heart. They try to hold Koru back from scoring a try. But unfortunately Koru school won. “Hard luck” Point England I thought in my head.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What If I had powers... James?

power I will be unstoppable , going in time I could change history and the facts also see who created the islands. I would go back and see my own birth. I would try and fix up my wrongs and also my mistakes.

Saving the Twin Towers would be nice....Imagine if there were terrorists attacking the world or city would you try to stop them? After hearing the bad news about what happened in New York , I wanted to do something about it. So if I had the power to go back in time I would warn the people so they can vacate to safety.

Then if the terrorists try to strike then they should think again. Because if everybody vacated the area then , there will be no one in the building. Leaving the planes to crash and ruin the building but they are just causing suicide for themselves leaving rubble crushing them like mash potatoes.

After all the twin towers will collide into pieces but so many people would’ve survived in safety. Well thats my way of seeing it if I had powers... Thank you for reading my story , I hoped you enjoy reading.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If I Was a superhero?

If I had superpowers I would stop crime from doing bad and serve justice to the bad villains. I would protect my country even my city so that they can live in a peaceful environment. My costume would have the Tongan designs on it represent my culture. The villains are gonna be scared and aware of my entrances.

My powers would be speed , and super strength and to also have all the wisdom. If people looked up at me I would be happy and active like a Superhero.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If I was a Billionaire ...? James

If I was a billionaire I would give money to my mum to support her. Also if I was a billionaire I would get some games to play in my spare time. I would get a nice house for my family and get new cars to travel far. It would be nice to get a pool like the one at the waiwera thermal pools in the back yard.

I would give some money to my church and charity to help them pay for trips and camps that we have. I would travel the world with my mate waata and bye hats and gears. I would like to collect some collectable things in the city that never sleeps New York.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A ROCKY day at Home ....?

“Brrrrring!” the clock rings.  I jumped up looking at the time. Unfortunately I was late. I looked outside and saw the pouring rain. I tried to motivate myself to go to school but there was no way that I would walk in the rain storm.

On Monday I missed out on school  because I was at home, waiting for the rain to stop so I could get to school to learn something valuable. I spent my time eating food and trying to find ways to not make myself bored. I listened to music and played games but it just didn't feel fun. So I ate ice cream to try and satisfy me but still there was something missing. Maybe school was the thing I was thinking about....

Oh no! I should’ve gone to school and walked through the rain. I missed going on Math Whizz and missed doing the writing and reading. All my friends were at school , having fun at the mini Olympics while I was at home bored.

Later on that day the rain stopped. “YES!” I thought that was my opportunity to go to school. But my mum said its already too late so I just sat in my pyjamas eating an ice cream while feeling angry.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making The right Choices ?

- Make great choices! In the life caravan we learnt about the drug use and the damage it does also we got taught about the danger of alcohol and making choices. The path to take is always the good one and the choices should be always happy and good ones. Don't get peer pressured into doing things you do not feel comfortable doing. Always be sure do not be unsure when you make important choices.

- There are legal drugs and there are some illegal drugs. The legal drugs can be prescripted from the doctors and the pharmacys. You can sometimes get them from the grocery store thats nearby. The illegal drugs can provided or planted from dodgy people known as drug dealers. The legal drugs can heal you and take care of the sick. The illegal drugs make you feel on a buzz to make you come down.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Story of Usain Bolt London 2012...

1)Intro: The champion from Jamaica has did it again and defended his title against his archenemys. His training partners Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell have tried to take his victory in a fast 100m sprint Yohan Blake nearly cracked Usain Bolt but at the end Usain had more speed and agility to finish off strong and mana.

2). The beginning of the race:

Usain Bolt and fellow competitors all run together as a bunch , but it looked like Yohan Blake was coming taking the lead. But Usain Bolt did not give up that easy and caught the pack of boys that were going to take victory. He used his potential speed and pass them with joy knowing that he wasn't gonna take his title off him.

3). During the race

During the race Yohan Blake and the other pack of boys looked shocked when Usain Bolt caught them in the last 20 meters of the race. Tyson Gay the other well known sprinter from the states didn't do good but tried to catch Yohan Blake to take his place as second but didn't succeed. But finished off 4th

4). After the race

After the race the Jamaicans were celebrating like crazy on the side of the track being proud of themselves. Doing possess , giving people kisses and autographs just acting un humbled. They are the fastest sprinters in the world just to say.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Olympic message...

“The most important thing about the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part...just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle”.
              Baron Pierre de Coubertin - Founder of the Modern Olympics

What the olympic message is trying to say, is that it’s not about being the champion but it’s about participating and representing your country. It is trying to tell you about what is the struggle and the triumph? The struggle means , Training , practice, and a lot of SACRIFICE! The triumph is about winning and also the process of getting to the top.

Champions never give up what ever the struggle, like how our school never gave up versing Viscount in rugby. That day it wasn't about the triumph but it was about the struggle out in the cold pouring rain. Our struggle was the hard training and the commitment that we all put in. But at the end we lost but... we were proud of our performance.

Valerie Adams never gave but at least she participated to try and beat her rival.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The GOLD medallist....

1. Her heart pounds with excitement knowing that she has just won a gold medal.

2. She must be feeling on top of the world after that great accomplishment.

3. The champion gleefully smiles at the wild crowd.

4. Holding the bouquet in one hand and holding the medal in the other, she smiled proudly for the cameras.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Intense Archery.....

Focusing on the target he gets in perfect position ready to get the smack dead in the middle. With focus in his eyes an the tension was high he lets nothing or no one get in his way. The fire in his eyes could show the concentration and sweat trickling down his cheek. Trying to shoot accurately and precisely cutting through the wind for a hundred percent shot.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics 2012.....

This Morning we watched a video , about the Olympics that is going to be held in London. We learnt about the events and where they will be held. When we watched we also saw new venues and historic places.   The sports that I am expecting and like to watch is the , 100 meter sprints and also the boxing. There will be amazing athletes competing in big events.    My favourite athletes that will be attending is Usain Bolt , and Valerie Adams. They are both amazing at their sport. Also they will be defending their gold medals against tough opponents.    Usain Bolt is a fast sprinter from Jamaica who currently holds the world record for the 100 meter sprints.

My Fitness Goals...


Friday, June 29, 2012

My Beautiful Room

My favourite and special place is in my room. I like my room because it is very cool. It is like my personal space, filled with clothes and my games and all the things I enjoy. I can do so many things in my room. If I am sad or angry I just go to my room and chillax.

My room is where I have my rest before big events. The room is where I watch my favourite programs and watch important news from TV3 news. I chill and play wrestling with my mates and play submissions.

My artwork is based on the artist Oscar Claude Monet. I like the way he uses little vertical brush strokes in his art. I used some vertical strokes in my painting. Also I used some blended colours and interesting contrast.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taonga Time

The beep test was canceled and YAY me and some of the boys went. Oh let me fill you in. Every Fridays the years 7 and 8 always rotates with different classes. The classes are, Sport with Mrs V, Music With Mr J, Science with Mr Harris, Movie making with Mrs Lagitupu and Making Catapults with Mrs Squires. We have been spending time with these Teachers. The class i'm in is sport with Mrs Vaafusuanga.

In sport we have been set task to make a player profile on our favourite sportsperson. We had to pair up and work as a group and work together for this project. The maximum of people in each group is two at a time. My Partner is Potaua. He’s doing Matthew Bowen a league star and I’m doin Derek Rose number 1 for basketball nba.

The beep test is an physical fitness test. It has levels and gets harder and harder. At this rate I think my fitness level is probably level 6. You have to run up the netball courts and back before the beep goes. If you don't make it back in time then I’m afraid you're out.

Sport is very very cool, but very competitive at the same at the same time. Sometimes there are rivalry in sport but at the end they become friends. It uses physical and mental strength. it is very fun.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Recently Room 21 have been going to sessions to learn about AFL. AFL stands for Aussie Football League. We learnt heaps of new and handy skills. As we go each week we always build up on our experience of this game. Me i’m still sharpening up on my skills.

The first thing that we learned when we were there was the drop punt. Oh and when you go to kick you always keep the laces on the ball away from our faces that’s one tip. If you want your drop punt to be successful then, when you go to kick it drop it as low as you can. But don’t let the ball touch the ground. when it falls make sure that it is just above ground. Then just give it a little punt then it would travel to the other person.

The other skill that we learnt was the hand pass. This skill uses timing and precisions to ace it. If you do this then the ball will go successfully in the air. This experience is very good for the future. When i'm older when Probably play NRL rugby league i might get a offer from AFL, and I will already know a bit of skills.

I think that AFL is a completely different to rugby but its still fun.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once again we have been assigned to compare and contrast but with different pieces of artwork and two different artists. The two piece of artworks we are comparing is the ‘Lazy Day in Paradise’ from Daniella Hulme and the ‘Weeping Woman’ from Pablo Picasso. They both use unique types of painting. Like Daniella Hulme’s type of painting is modern painting and Pablo Picasso’s type of painting is Cubism.

Well let me put it this way Pablo Picasso’s paintings have so many interesting contrasts. On his painting ‘The Weeping Woman’ he paints with different perspectives and angles. Wait... but that is his style anyways, cubism painting. ‘The Weeping Woman’ has so many opposite colours like yellow and white come on they don’t go. ‘The Weeping Woman’ looks like she is crying because her face just looks so depressing.

Daniella Hulme uses modern themes in her painting. I think that even though she is European her painting of ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ shows that she knows how to include her husbands culture. She is married to a Samoan man. Her colours that she uses are tropical and so jaw dropping. In my opinion I just think its a pretty girl lying down in an island on a nice day.

I think they (Picasso and Hulme) are both talented at art. Picasso’s perspectives are pretty out of it and Daniella Hulmes use of colours are so beautiful. But who comes out on top for me is Pablo Picasso. ‘The Weeping Woman’ is just so fascinating.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Different's of the two artists...

Room 21 has been set on a task to compare two different talented artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. We have to compare ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh and ‘La Musique’ by Matisse. They are both unique in their styles of painting. Henry’s style is called Fauvism, and Van Gogh’s style is Expressionism.

So do you like Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings? Do you know his sunflowers a famouse for looking alive. The tone and texture of his painting is very 3D looking and it just makes people's jaws drop with an amazing feeling. Here’s a fact about Van Gogh, He cut his own ear off and sent it to his girlfriend in hope that she would like it. I think that his painting uses a lot of sad colours and I think that he was very sad man. The Pedals from his painting looked dead there was a lot of brown and a bit yellow. But still his painting still looked authentic.

Let me say do you know Henri Matisse is art is pretty out of it. Well  in his painting of the la musique he  has used vertical strokes which is very interesting. In his painting he used very interesting contrasts. For a fact he was a French artist, and I could tell he was happy man. Reason when I looked at his painting he used very alive colours in his back such as light green for his trees he drawed. He used so many happy colours that it made feel like dancing. I also noticed that he painted a lady with an guitar and a friend.

The things that I thought  that were similar about Van Gogh and Matisse is that they are both famous. They are both completely different when it comes to art, because their arts have different styles. Also Van Gogh used sad colours and Matisse used happy colours.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Recently, Room 21 have been going to the year 7 and 8 immersion rotations. The purpose was to learn about new styles and artists. The first class we were in of course, was our class room 21. We learnt about a man called Henry Mattise. He was a very dedicated painter and he was also a French artist. When he was alive he did many good and amazing paintings. His style was known as Fauvism, and making it look alive. He was also a French artist. He died sadly but his paintings were also famous.

The second rotation was to Mrs Nua in Room 22. When we got there we learnt about Vincent Van Gogh. Unfortunately we learnt that he cut his ear off and sent it to his girlfriend hoping that his girlfriend would like it. But she did not appreciate it. So his ear was sore , and he only sold one painting. We had to draw a famous painting of his and it was a pot of sunflowers. His style was Expressionism. Do you like his art?

Next stop was Room 18...?

Friday, April 27, 2012



We tried hard and did it. A group of kids in my class represented Point England at the Glen Innes art and music centre competition. We made a movie about some of the things that we would like to see in the Music and Arts centre when it opens in Glen Innes. There were other many entries that entered but we come out on top. We got meet very important people from the local council to receive our prize at assembly. We were very ,very happy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A hint of my mihimihi.....

Kia Ora,
Ko James Toku Ingoa
Ko Maungarei te Maunga
Ko Point England o te kura
Ko Taumoefolau Toku Ingoa Whanau
Ko Tamaki o te awa
Ko Vava’u te iwi......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert....

As Ryan Seacrest cracked jokes at the wild crowd at the camp concert... just joking! The comedian Mr Barks was actually our MC for the night. The atmosphere was wicked, and tension from each camp group was pretty high. As Mr Barks called out the first electrifying group Team Respect, Waata said “day”! and we all started laughing. They went up first doing their exciting and noisy performance. Everybody thought it was stunning, but was it enough to impress the judges?

By the way the judges were April, Bruce, and Shatna. As Mr Barks said more jokes he called up the next team RESPECT.....SQUAD! Witch is my group. We went up with mana kia kaha and started to dance to poi doing our mean as moves. Sadly we came last.

To be Continued.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Camp Day 3 (last day)

Well on the last day we went to the Panmure lagoon. I was filled with excitement and anticipation. We packed up our things from our tent and stored them in our class. We all met in the street and away we went. We drove pass the Panmure community and said hi to some people as we drove pass.

Finally we got there and sat on the grass learnt some rules. Then away we went swimming and splashing. The diving pool was open so of course all of us wanted to dive and bomb. we went down the hydro slide and enjoyed our selves. The vodafone worriors came and joined the party so everybody went wiled and there was just a hola-ba-loo.

And after that we finished and got changed. We all finished changing and went,but before that we said thank you. We went back to school and got our stuff. Then we were off home to our comfy beds.

Monday, February 27, 2012


We have been learning how to play the challenging sport called netball. We learned some valuable skills that may help us with netball and some other cool sports. We learned how to be swift and tricky, but also smart intercepting passes and winning defence.

To be honest my fitness is alright but not really up there. Are you good at fitness? I am trying to get into the habit of playing netball but I am used to rugby and other hardcore sports. I think if I try hard and go hard I will get fit and healthy.

One of the skills I really like is the chest pass. Its pretty straight forward really. You just put the ball on your chest then pass. It is really effective in a netball game. Some professional netball players use this skill.

OH bye the way, my class, Room 21 have been going to session on every Thursdays. Did I mention our mentor Liz. She is very skilled and awesome and talented. She has been showing us the skills that we have to this very day. So far I am enjoying Netball. I am looking forward to the future and learning new skills. NETBALL ROCKS!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

All About Me

Hi, my name is James. I am a year 7 student at Point England School. I live in a hometown called Glen Innes. Short for it is G.I . I love to play sports such as Rugby, Rugby League, Basket Ball and Baseball plus Soft ball. I like to watch NRL and my favorite team is the Brisbane Broncos. My favorite Rugby league player in the Broncos is Peter Wallace because he is spectacular on the field. I have one brother and one sister. I like to eat at Burger King. Because it tastes better with the King.

Te Treaty Of Waitangi.

Back in 1840 on February the 6th, Maori and Pakeha agreed and signed a contract saying they will participate to protect their land. The reason was because there was a lot of disagreement and dislike between them.
When William Hobson Arrived to New Zealand he made a draft of the treaty.
.At the the first day William Hobson,James Busby,And Henry Williams were discussing out what they and the Maori would agree on. Unfortunately the Maori People did not know what the British Interests were. Henry Williams had to translate so that the Maori Tribes could understand and be happy with the British settlers. So the Maori agreed and signed the treaty. Then William Hobson the British Governor signed then the Maori and British came together as one. William Hobson made a speech He iwi tahi tatou we are all one people.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Bar Graph Of Fast Foods???

Here is a graph about food lovers in Room 21. Obviously Carls Junior is the favorite in our class. Personally I don't like Carls Junior I like Burger king. It taste better with the king!!!