Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favourite Toy ....

My favourite toy is the Xbox 360. The Xbox tradition has been going for years ever since a team from Microsoft invented it. Bill Gates is the boss of the worldwide selling company Microsoft.

The cool features on the Xbox 360 is that you can play online, keep in contact with your family and friends from around the world. Also you could watch videos and play music on the console.

But most of all people buy this console to do one main thing, play games. There are many fantastic games but right now, my personal favourite is the one and only Rugby League Live 2. It has cool features in it such as, tactical passes, slick plays, and realistic characters.

I think that my favourite toy, the Xbox 360 is magnificent.

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  1. Hey Mr James

    like how you gave a lot of information about the company Microsoft how they created one of my Favorited devices I use, the Xbox, Never new the Boss the boss name but thanks to you I now no ... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JAMES......


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