Monday, November 28, 2011

Kauwau Island!!!

Recently last Tuesday, the year six students went to a high standard camp at Kauwau Island.
We gathered up in the hall just organizing who were there ready to go. Have you....ever been to Kauwau Island? Well I can tell you, that it is just a load of fun and enjoyment. We went to Sand-spit and got on the fairy and went to Kauwau Island.
We got on the jetty and off loaded our bags on to the island and away we went. The year six campers went up a dangerous hill called the deadly hill at(least I thought that was called it). I was so tired hiking up the rugged hill, but in my head I said champions never give up. It was just so extreme that I was shouting out “gravity is just to strong”!
Well when we finished our tire ring hike we had a choice to play some sports our relax. The sports we played was volleyball,cricket,playing on the playground and many more. My stand out was swimming and all the other water sports. Oh and don't forget jumping off the pontoon, that was really really enjoyable man.
One of the activities were sailing. I might not be good at but hey I gave it a try. Have you ever been sailing? We went on a journey out far in the ocean just practising and getting the hang of it. And what do you know..... I get an award for it.
Leaving Kauwau was so sad. There is no place I rather be. But I miss my mums nice pork and gravy. I will miss you Kauwau!!!