Friday, March 23, 2012

A hint of my mihimihi.....

Kia Ora,
Ko James Toku Ingoa
Ko Maungarei te Maunga
Ko Point England o te kura
Ko Taumoefolau Toku Ingoa Whanau
Ko Tamaki o te awa
Ko Vava’u te iwi......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert....

As Ryan Seacrest cracked jokes at the wild crowd at the camp concert... just joking! The comedian Mr Barks was actually our MC for the night. The atmosphere was wicked, and tension from each camp group was pretty high. As Mr Barks called out the first electrifying group Team Respect, Waata said “day”! and we all started laughing. They went up first doing their exciting and noisy performance. Everybody thought it was stunning, but was it enough to impress the judges?

By the way the judges were April, Bruce, and Shatna. As Mr Barks said more jokes he called up the next team RESPECT.....SQUAD! Witch is my group. We went up with mana kia kaha and started to dance to poi doing our mean as moves. Sadly we came last.

To be Continued.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Camp Day 3 (last day)

Well on the last day we went to the Panmure lagoon. I was filled with excitement and anticipation. We packed up our things from our tent and stored them in our class. We all met in the street and away we went. We drove pass the Panmure community and said hi to some people as we drove pass.

Finally we got there and sat on the grass learnt some rules. Then away we went swimming and splashing. The diving pool was open so of course all of us wanted to dive and bomb. we went down the hydro slide and enjoyed our selves. The vodafone worriors came and joined the party so everybody went wiled and there was just a hola-ba-loo.

And after that we finished and got changed. We all finished changing and went,but before that we said thank you. We went back to school and got our stuff. Then we were off home to our comfy beds.