Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Captain Rasta

Rasta dreamed of being a Pirate sailing on the blue sea finding, spices, treasure, and commanding the people on his crew. Everyday after school Rasta would go to Glen Innes Wharf and hang around where his grandpa worked cleaning and trading ships. One day Buccaneers arrived at the Eastern beach and took over G.I. Rasta stood up for east side and helped kill the evil Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers ship sat lonely and broken after the monstrous battle, Rasta was determined to make it his own ship. He took the boat to his grandpa and his clever grandpa was able to fix it and upgrade it. The ship was named “Mighty East Side Mariners.” The little boy, Rasta, was all set for his exciting adventure.

On his adventure he stopped in Tonga and battled with the chief of Tonga. Many years ago the Tongan Chief had stabbed Rasta’s dad when they were in school.

Captain Rasta charged with anger and tried to stab the chief straight through the heart. But the chief dodged and swung his cutlass at Rasta - his T-Shirt ripped. Rasta rushed like a spartan towards the chief, and bashed him over the head and managed to slip a rope round a neck. Rasta pulled on the rope until the chief called for mercy.

Rasta was victorious and the whole crew celebrated their win. A large feast was held before they boarded their ship to set off again.

Rasta left some of his men on the island and set off back on his journey. On this day it started to get dark and stormy, which made it very dangerous for Captain Rasta to sail. The crew stopped the boat and lowered the sail, waiting for the weather to get back to normal and to be safe to sail on. Unfortunately, a big wave hit the East Side Mariner and tragically killed Rasta and his crew, as the ship had capsized in shark infested waters.