Monday, December 16, 2013

My years at Point England 2013 ..!

Pt England has been my one and only school in my life. I have learnt a lot in my years a Point England and have had awesome experience. This year I have enjoyed the company of my teacher Ms Squires and the students . she has gave me so many chances you wouldn't believe it. Also she has helped me progress in all my areas that I need to progress in. She is so sweet !

I have had ups and downs , but at the end of the day it has still been great. At my years attending P.E.S I have made new friends and they help me keep on track if I am tilting to the bad side. I love my friends! I have played many sports with them and we train to reach to the best that we can be.

When I leave to go college I am gonna cry a water fountain. Thats how much I love Pt England. I am gonna miss all the opportunities and support that I have gotten. I am also grateful for the things that I have been getting and also fortunate. To be honest , I think that 2013 was alright and that It was cool being a yr 8.

Im going to miss all the teachers that I have been taught by and I am fortunate to have them. I love Point England and will never forget about it . Even though I have been a pain sometimes they don’t give up on me thats what makes me motivated.