Friday, March 8, 2013

My Independent Writing....

“Ahhhh yes” as I got on my comfortable bed It felt like I was in paradise. Thinking back on what I did today. I went to Point England beach with my mate and man was it a walk. It was worth it though seeing the nice water and the awesome waves. When we got there Ahsin didn't waste time and dashed to the icy cold water. Just to say it was a tropical day.

We saw my other friends rushing towards us man they were sweating. We all did some bombs into the monstrous waves. The bombs we did were the , Mangere , Staple , V’s , and Coffins. We all had fun till 7 o'clock.

After the beach we grabbed a mean munch from Carls Jr and it was very tasty. We all had a mean laugh and the atmosphere was calm. We all walked home so we dropped each other off home.