Monday, December 16, 2013

My years at Point England 2013 ..!

Pt England has been my one and only school in my life. I have learnt a lot in my years a Point England and have had awesome experience. This year I have enjoyed the company of my teacher Ms Squires and the students . she has gave me so many chances you wouldn't believe it. Also she has helped me progress in all my areas that I need to progress in. She is so sweet !

I have had ups and downs , but at the end of the day it has still been great. At my years attending P.E.S I have made new friends and they help me keep on track if I am tilting to the bad side. I love my friends! I have played many sports with them and we train to reach to the best that we can be.

When I leave to go college I am gonna cry a water fountain. Thats how much I love Pt England. I am gonna miss all the opportunities and support that I have gotten. I am also grateful for the things that I have been getting and also fortunate. To be honest , I think that 2013 was alright and that It was cool being a yr 8.

Im going to miss all the teachers that I have been taught by and I am fortunate to have them. I love Point England and will never forget about it . Even though I have been a pain sometimes they don’t give up on me thats what makes me motivated.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Math problem and picture .....

6. There are  8 boxes. Each box has 25 apples in it. How many apples are there altogether?
8 x 20 = 160
8x5 = 40
160+40= 200

200 is the answer.

Math illustration...

4. The A Softball team has scored 72 goals over the season so far. The is 6 times more than what the B Softball team has scored. How many goals has the B team scored in the season so far?
6 x 12 = 72
6x10 = 60
6x2 = 12

10 + 2 = 12 is the answer

Friday, November 15, 2013

Long jump ... math ilistration...

8. In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m whereas the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.

So men's record is 2.79 meters longer than the woman's record.

15.5+.5= 16 +2+18+.29 =

Math illistration.....

7. There are 24 classes at school. ⅜  of them are Year 1 or 2 teams. How many is this?
9 classes are either 1 or 2

we need to find what ⅛ is ?
you divide 24 by 8.
equals = 3
and ⅜ is 3 groups of 3 = 9

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1970 Cars in that era....

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda.  Drag racers used the 1971 Hemi Barracuda and helped generate the popularity of the car. Seven other engines were offered for the 1971 model but none matched the power of the Hemi., 425 hp and hit up to 4000 rpm. 


1971 Boss 351 Mustang. The 1971 model Mustangs were Ford’s largest Cars. With the new emissions standards coming, Mustang was quick to move on and this was the last Boss Mustang, with 1973 marking the end of the big Mustangs altogether. This car was a stunner and turned peoples heads.

1970’s Cars
1970 Chevelle SS-454. This car was launched by Chevrolet in the 1970’s. The Chevelle had a full naturally aspirated v8 engine which moved from 0-100 kmh in 5.4 seconds and raced the quarter mile drag in 13.81 seconds.

Temptations - My girl ...

This Is what Starfor'd , Kingston , Crusader and I have created in the creative strand... Hope you enjoy....

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camera Angle Shots :D

Waata , Kingston and I had a task from Ms Squires to take shots of the different angles .


  Creative Commons License
Camera Angles :D by James is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Should Pt England be a single gender ?

Should Pt England be a single gender ?

I think that Point England is fine with a mix of boys and girls. I reckon that it would be awkward without girls at Point England. But at the same time I think that it wouldn’t be awesome without the boys :). The school is archiving a lot and striving towards a brighter future. I think that the school is doing good academically in both genders. Also the sports is going well.

But If the school was just all boys then I think that they would do way better in sports and also be focused on the academics. There would be no “dramas” and the brotherhood increase. We would be stronger and our rep would be known for awesome sport.

If it were girls school than I don’t know?

Samuela And James Rock Climbing writing.....

This is the literacy task set by miss Squires and this is what Samuela , and I  has produced .. Hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prospective Student .... :D

“aaaahhhhhhh” I sighed as my legs were shaking. My body was sore from climbing the steep cliff , risking my life with the rocks falling down. “Finally” I said . When I saw the sensei’s academy I wanted to show him my awesome karate. As I got there I nervously knocked on the door. Nearly wetting my pants the master opened the door. He pointed to the right !

It looked like he told me to go away , so I begged and begged at his feet. Suddenly he just closed door. I was sad but I never gave up the easily. So I stayed and meditated for days and nights and I felt an urge that I was to face him.

So he came out of his big palace. I got in my stance in all my poses ready to fight . But once again he pointed to the right. Little did I know that he was pointing the a sign. It said use the side entrance. Out of nowhere I started laughing cause I was so dumb and didn't bother read the sign.

And so I learned martial arts and I turned into a black bout champ.....

James and Samuela Fairy Tale ....... TWIST ?

       Once upon a time in a land far far away, there were three little donkeys named Jenny, Craig and Matt. Jenny was the quiet one, Craig was the hairy one, and Matt had the best sense of humor. Sadly their parents were good for nothing, being lazy and behind on rent. So the family got kicked out from the housing company. The three brothers chose to go on their own paths and find their own homes together.

       As the three little donkeys were strolling along the forest they saw a home that was open. They discovered that no one was there. So the brothers entered the house and realised, it was the three little bears house. The three bears were going for a stroll along the forest while they were letting their porridge cool down.  So the hungry little donkeys saw it as an opportunity to eat the tasty, fresh smelling succulent porridge. The donkeys relaxed and started munching back the bowls of porridge that was on the kitchen table.

       They were making a living at the bears house, because it was spacious had heaps of food and they had a good view of the woods. So as the bears came back the little donkeys were terrified and tried to lock the door. Sadly the bears were too strong for the donkeys and suddenly, BAM the bears struck the door with no fear, busted the door open wide.

       On the good side the bears got in but on the bad side the donkeys had to deal with the trespassers.  




Sunday, May 26, 2013

Diabetes research with Kingston

This is the research that our groups Muri Paroa and Toki, in Room 20, have been working on about diabetes for the past week. Thanks to our awesome Teacher Mrs Squires.

There are many consequences to having Diabetes. These include stroke, dehydration, blindness, and many more. They can become a lot worse if not treated immediately and can lead to death. There are two different types of Diabetes, type one and two. You can only get type one if  you are born with it, type  is a different story. It can be passed down from the family, this is called a genetic condition.

Dehydration is caused by an overflow of glucose and insulin, building up in the blood. Because the body cells are not responding to the insulin and absorbing the glucose, it builds up in the blood.   So the body takes  water from the blood cells to try flush the glucose and insulin out and thats why you become thirsty.

To avoid serious complications, people with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar level at an average level. A good diet, and exercise will help to control the amount of sugar that goes in the Blood stream. If the sugar level is too low then that can cause tiredness *quick note* [ the glucose is like an energy source so if there’s not enough then you're not getting that much energy.   

Monday, May 13, 2013

Constellations ?

Well you might just ask what are constellations. I will try my best to explain what constellations are. “So where were we”, oh yes kick back and enjoy my story. If you look into the sky in the night, there will be little stars and they a called constellations. Some of them look like connect the dots. Behind the dots are some mythical gods. Like Aphrodite, Hermes , Zeus and many more. Most people say back before all of us were born, the stars were a big help to some adventurist. Like chief Kupe and his men. They were lead to New Zealand by the constellations in the skies. I think that constellations a just beautiful. They are a big help and may I add just to make sure I that I said beautiful they are beautiful.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Term 1 Reflection

My first term of my last year at this wonderful school. There have been some ups and there have been some downs. There were spectacular highlights and awesome fun and learning. I’ve improved in all my areas this term but I did get distracted a few times. Also getting fit at P.E and learning the new knowledgeable sporting skills has been great. What I didn't enjoy this term was getting a growling from my awesome teacher for forgetting the little things. The little things are talking while the teachers talking , not listening while the teacher is telling you the instructions and many more. Other than that I had a lot of fun and I am trying hard to remember the little things. My goals for next term are to remember the little things, to not get distracted, and to get most of my work done on time. Those were my minuses for this term and I need to work on them. When I start fresh next term I want to also work on my maths and impress my teacher so she doesn't tell me off then she won't lose her voice . This term I loved making movies. Such as my rap , my goals movie at the beginning of this term. sending my messages in the songs and making it clear so my audience could understand. This term was awesome. Looking forward to term 2 to have a lot of adventures.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Narrative ....

“Ahhhh” I yawned. It was a windy horrible day in the east side. The buildings were getting icey and solid. Like the buildings were tall concrete trees. “Bye Mum im going for a run today” I said with excitement.  By the way my name is demetrius im am the prince. Well not the prince of the country. But the prince of Elstree , thats my street.

Lets get back to our adventure shell we. So it was a foggy and mysterious day? Why you might ask... While My friends and I were running something strange happened? We were captured... By some federal agents?

They took us the bush their secret headquarters. They told us what they were doing? they had been studying on us...? The chief told us that we had secret super powers. That was a jaw dropping moment for the four of us.

We had to protect the world they said. So we named ourselves the super fours. We all trained and figured out our powers. We all know now why us four got chosen. The super fours , were the four elements. Water , earth , fire and air.

I Demetrius was FIre , Toph was earth , Katara was water and aang was air. We will fight villains all together and we will bring peace.  Join us on next time . To be continued.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Independent Writing....

“Ahhhh yes” as I got on my comfortable bed It felt like I was in paradise. Thinking back on what I did today. I went to Point England beach with my mate and man was it a walk. It was worth it though seeing the nice water and the awesome waves. When we got there Ahsin didn't waste time and dashed to the icy cold water. Just to say it was a tropical day.

We saw my other friends rushing towards us man they were sweating. We all did some bombs into the monstrous waves. The bombs we did were the , Mangere , Staple , V’s , and Coffins. We all had fun till 7 o'clock.

After the beach we grabbed a mean munch from Carls Jr and it was very tasty. We all had a mean laugh and the atmosphere was calm. We all walked home so we dropped each other off home.