Wednesday, July 3, 2013

James and Samuela Fairy Tale ....... TWIST ?

       Once upon a time in a land far far away, there were three little donkeys named Jenny, Craig and Matt. Jenny was the quiet one, Craig was the hairy one, and Matt had the best sense of humor. Sadly their parents were good for nothing, being lazy and behind on rent. So the family got kicked out from the housing company. The three brothers chose to go on their own paths and find their own homes together.

       As the three little donkeys were strolling along the forest they saw a home that was open. They discovered that no one was there. So the brothers entered the house and realised, it was the three little bears house. The three bears were going for a stroll along the forest while they were letting their porridge cool down.  So the hungry little donkeys saw it as an opportunity to eat the tasty, fresh smelling succulent porridge. The donkeys relaxed and started munching back the bowls of porridge that was on the kitchen table.

       They were making a living at the bears house, because it was spacious had heaps of food and they had a good view of the woods. So as the bears came back the little donkeys were terrified and tried to lock the door. Sadly the bears were too strong for the donkeys and suddenly, BAM the bears struck the door with no fear, busted the door open wide.

       On the good side the bears got in but on the bad side the donkeys had to deal with the trespassers.  





  1. Hi James,

    This is a really interesting story. I like how you twisted the three little pigs story and joined it in with the goldilocks story. I look forward to seeing the other part of this story.

    Keep it up, Kendrix

    1. Thank You Kendrix for your awesome comment :)


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