Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prospective Student .... :D

“aaaahhhhhhh” I sighed as my legs were shaking. My body was sore from climbing the steep cliff , risking my life with the rocks falling down. “Finally” I said . When I saw the sensei’s academy I wanted to show him my awesome karate. As I got there I nervously knocked on the door. Nearly wetting my pants the master opened the door. He pointed to the right !

It looked like he told me to go away , so I begged and begged at his feet. Suddenly he just closed door. I was sad but I never gave up the easily. So I stayed and meditated for days and nights and I felt an urge that I was to face him.

So he came out of his big palace. I got in my stance in all my poses ready to fight . But once again he pointed to the right. Little did I know that he was pointing the a sign. It said use the side entrance. Out of nowhere I started laughing cause I was so dumb and didn't bother read the sign.

And so I learned martial arts and I turned into a black bout champ.....

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