Thursday, June 23, 2011

Us vs Otara

As I was driving to my breath taking game against the mighty fearsome Otara, I was thinking to myself if I could just play hard enough I could get player of the day. My strategies were to run hard at them, tackle them in the right spot and just give it my all. Kick-back and enjoy my story.
Our game was about to start and the ref blew the whistle brrrrh! The first five from the team kicked, he chased after the ball as if he was a tiger chasing his prey down through the wild. He got the ball and got a try. Kingston stepped the second five and charged through the line of hard defense. He got us near the try line and before you knew it.....we got a penalty because the person from the other team didn’t roll away from the ruck. Potaua was near the try line and saw a deep gap and dived, “TRY!!!” our team said.
It was time for my magic conversion. I looked at the goal post and picked up the grass to read the wind. I kicked it....but never succeeded, it curved out and we lost.
I put my all in to it but never got player of the day, sadly in my head I said “maybe next time”.