Thursday, August 25, 2011

My MOST!!! Amazing Writing

So you must be wondering what is the sport badminton? Well let me tell you, that the sport badminton is very complex alright. I have to say that it is a game of timing your hit and it’s very similar to tennis. It is pretty famous to China.
Remember if you want to hit a good ball then you must hold the racket properly. How do you hold a racket you might ask? If your opponent, hits the shuttle witch is the light feather ball, To the opposite direction then you must do the thums down. Then you put it down on the side of the racket and swing. We call that the forehand.
Doing tricks a one of my favorite things in badminton. It is complicated, because you have to do some very funny stances to do some of the tricks. like the one when you have to swing the racket under your leg and many more.
Well I think that badminton is very exciting,skillful,and challenging. I hope that I become better and professional at it. Even though, I still have a long adventure to go before I even think about being a professional.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Big Competition

Room18, along with the year 7’s and 8’s have this competition going in our school. Here are the rules! If you get a bin- it award from the assembly, you will earn 50 points for your class. The Principals award, which is the sticker that you get for sitting up in assembly, is equivalent to 10 points.These are some of the ways that we can earn points.
If my class wins the competition, I would like to go to Rainbows End! It has lots of fun rides like the fear fall, power surge, and a lot more, and even though I've been there before, I would love the opportunity to return.
On the day we find who the winning class is, I hope we don't get a nasty disasterous surprises don’t happen, because we might be the wining class. It might rain or be disaster’s. Or even we might lose.
If we won I would of be the happiest boy on earth. This will be the most enjoyable day of my life. I will be singing “Oh happy day”.
So there you have it that’s the big competition.

My Beautiful Certificate

My Goals For This Drizzling Term

Hello,Malo e lelei my name is James and I am going to share with You my goals for this term.
one of them is coming to school early so I can know my assigned tasks. My other goal is to control my eyes when when the teacher is talking because I always get distracted.
one of my solutions to completing my goals. I could sit at a curtain area where I could focus
and make my eyes focus. I could stop the sideline chatter.
I need to wake up early and get changed. I need to walk to school to solve my turning up late problem. Have a good breakfast to keep me awake. I will try to make my goal work.
My basic math facts is something I need to work on as I’m not that confident at it. Every night I’ve been training so hard so I could be quick and brainy. But even though I have a long journeey to get there.

I hope that my goals turn out to be successful!!!!