Friday, August 12, 2011

My Goals For This Drizzling Term

Hello,Malo e lelei my name is James and I am going to share with You my goals for this term.
one of them is coming to school early so I can know my assigned tasks. My other goal is to control my eyes when when the teacher is talking because I always get distracted.
one of my solutions to completing my goals. I could sit at a curtain area where I could focus
and make my eyes focus. I could stop the sideline chatter.
I need to wake up early and get changed. I need to walk to school to solve my turning up late problem. Have a good breakfast to keep me awake. I will try to make my goal work.
My basic math facts is something I need to work on as I’m not that confident at it. Every night I’ve been training so hard so I could be quick and brainy. But even though I have a long journeey to get there.

I hope that my goals turn out to be successful!!!!

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