Monday, April 15, 2013

My Term 1 Reflection

My first term of my last year at this wonderful school. There have been some ups and there have been some downs. There were spectacular highlights and awesome fun and learning. I’ve improved in all my areas this term but I did get distracted a few times. Also getting fit at P.E and learning the new knowledgeable sporting skills has been great. What I didn't enjoy this term was getting a growling from my awesome teacher for forgetting the little things. The little things are talking while the teachers talking , not listening while the teacher is telling you the instructions and many more. Other than that I had a lot of fun and I am trying hard to remember the little things. My goals for next term are to remember the little things, to not get distracted, and to get most of my work done on time. Those were my minuses for this term and I need to work on them. When I start fresh next term I want to also work on my maths and impress my teacher so she doesn't tell me off then she won't lose her voice . This term I loved making movies. Such as my rap , my goals movie at the beginning of this term. sending my messages in the songs and making it clear so my audience could understand. This term was awesome. Looking forward to term 2 to have a lot of adventures.

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