Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Narrative ....

“Ahhhh” I yawned. It was a windy horrible day in the east side. The buildings were getting icey and solid. Like the buildings were tall concrete trees. “Bye Mum im going for a run today” I said with excitement.  By the way my name is demetrius im am the prince. Well not the prince of the country. But the prince of Elstree , thats my street.

Lets get back to our adventure shell we. So it was a foggy and mysterious day? Why you might ask... While My friends and I were running something strange happened? We were captured... By some federal agents?

They took us the bush their secret headquarters. They told us what they were doing? they had been studying on us...? The chief told us that we had secret super powers. That was a jaw dropping moment for the four of us.

We had to protect the world they said. So we named ourselves the super fours. We all trained and figured out our powers. We all know now why us four got chosen. The super fours , were the four elements. Water , earth , fire and air.

I Demetrius was FIre , Toph was earth , Katara was water and aang was air. We will fight villains all together and we will bring peace.  Join us on next time . To be continued.

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  1. Hey James,

    Great idea for a story I'm looking forward to the next part :) watch your spelling some words need looking at but otherwise awesome.

    Keep writing, Mr, Hutchings.


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