Monday, May 13, 2013

Constellations ?

Well you might just ask what are constellations. I will try my best to explain what constellations are. “So where were we”, oh yes kick back and enjoy my story. If you look into the sky in the night, there will be little stars and they a called constellations. Some of them look like connect the dots. Behind the dots are some mythical gods. Like Aphrodite, Hermes , Zeus and many more. Most people say back before all of us were born, the stars were a big help to some adventurist. Like chief Kupe and his men. They were lead to New Zealand by the constellations in the skies. I think that constellations a just beautiful. They are a big help and may I add just to make sure I that I said beautiful they are beautiful.

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  1. What an interesting topic to right about James. You're right constellations are beautiful and fascinating too. Well done/


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