Friday, May 4, 2012


Recently, Room 21 have been going to the year 7 and 8 immersion rotations. The purpose was to learn about new styles and artists. The first class we were in of course, was our class room 21. We learnt about a man called Henry Mattise. He was a very dedicated painter and he was also a French artist. When he was alive he did many good and amazing paintings. His style was known as Fauvism, and making it look alive. He was also a French artist. He died sadly but his paintings were also famous.

The second rotation was to Mrs Nua in Room 22. When we got there we learnt about Vincent Van Gogh. Unfortunately we learnt that he cut his ear off and sent it to his girlfriend hoping that his girlfriend would like it. But she did not appreciate it. So his ear was sore , and he only sold one painting. We had to draw a famous painting of his and it was a pot of sunflowers. His style was Expressionism. Do you like his art?

Next stop was Room 18...?

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