Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Different's of the two artists...

Room 21 has been set on a task to compare two different talented artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. We have to compare ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh and ‘La Musique’ by Matisse. They are both unique in their styles of painting. Henry’s style is called Fauvism, and Van Gogh’s style is Expressionism.

So do you like Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings? Do you know his sunflowers a famouse for looking alive. The tone and texture of his painting is very 3D looking and it just makes people's jaws drop with an amazing feeling. Here’s a fact about Van Gogh, He cut his own ear off and sent it to his girlfriend in hope that she would like it. I think that his painting uses a lot of sad colours and I think that he was very sad man. The Pedals from his painting looked dead there was a lot of brown and a bit yellow. But still his painting still looked authentic.

Let me say do you know Henri Matisse is art is pretty out of it. Well  in his painting of the la musique he  has used vertical strokes which is very interesting. In his painting he used very interesting contrasts. For a fact he was a French artist, and I could tell he was happy man. Reason when I looked at his painting he used very alive colours in his back such as light green for his trees he drawed. He used so many happy colours that it made feel like dancing. I also noticed that he painted a lady with an guitar and a friend.

The things that I thought  that were similar about Van Gogh and Matisse is that they are both famous. They are both completely different when it comes to art, because their arts have different styles. Also Van Gogh used sad colours and Matisse used happy colours.


  1. Great write James!! I love how you included bits of history (Van Gogh cut his ear off- yuck!) and also included lots of description about the style of the art!

  2. ^ That was Miss Haapala, not Shoal :)

  3. Hi James

    You must like all the sports especially rugby. And the warriors are the best and burger king to. Keep up the good work!!!


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