Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once again we have been assigned to compare and contrast but with different pieces of artwork and two different artists. The two piece of artworks we are comparing is the ‘Lazy Day in Paradise’ from Daniella Hulme and the ‘Weeping Woman’ from Pablo Picasso. They both use unique types of painting. Like Daniella Hulme’s type of painting is modern painting and Pablo Picasso’s type of painting is Cubism.

Well let me put it this way Pablo Picasso’s paintings have so many interesting contrasts. On his painting ‘The Weeping Woman’ he paints with different perspectives and angles. Wait... but that is his style anyways, cubism painting. ‘The Weeping Woman’ has so many opposite colours like yellow and white come on they don’t go. ‘The Weeping Woman’ looks like she is crying because her face just looks so depressing.

Daniella Hulme uses modern themes in her painting. I think that even though she is European her painting of ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ shows that she knows how to include her husbands culture. She is married to a Samoan man. Her colours that she uses are tropical and so jaw dropping. In my opinion I just think its a pretty girl lying down in an island on a nice day.

I think they (Picasso and Hulme) are both talented at art. Picasso’s perspectives are pretty out of it and Daniella Hulmes use of colours are so beautiful. But who comes out on top for me is Pablo Picasso. ‘The Weeping Woman’ is just so fascinating.

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