Friday, May 25, 2012


Recently Room 21 have been going to sessions to learn about AFL. AFL stands for Aussie Football League. We learnt heaps of new and handy skills. As we go each week we always build up on our experience of this game. Me i’m still sharpening up on my skills.

The first thing that we learned when we were there was the drop punt. Oh and when you go to kick you always keep the laces on the ball away from our faces that’s one tip. If you want your drop punt to be successful then, when you go to kick it drop it as low as you can. But don’t let the ball touch the ground. when it falls make sure that it is just above ground. Then just give it a little punt then it would travel to the other person.

The other skill that we learnt was the hand pass. This skill uses timing and precisions to ace it. If you do this then the ball will go successfully in the air. This experience is very good for the future. When i'm older when Probably play NRL rugby league i might get a offer from AFL, and I will already know a bit of skills.

I think that AFL is a completely different to rugby but its still fun.


  1. Great work James!

    I always enjoy reading your posts because they are so interesting. Keep up the great writing. I'm glad to hear that you have been enjoying our AFL sessions. You will make a great sports star or a great sports commentator in the future James. Well done.

  2. HI James i like how you said thoughtful things and good senescent you will make a great effort in afl

    well done james.


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