Thursday, September 13, 2012

What If I had powers... James?

power I will be unstoppable , going in time I could change history and the facts also see who created the islands. I would go back and see my own birth. I would try and fix up my wrongs and also my mistakes.

Saving the Twin Towers would be nice....Imagine if there were terrorists attacking the world or city would you try to stop them? After hearing the bad news about what happened in New York , I wanted to do something about it. So if I had the power to go back in time I would warn the people so they can vacate to safety.

Then if the terrorists try to strike then they should think again. Because if everybody vacated the area then , there will be no one in the building. Leaving the planes to crash and ruin the building but they are just causing suicide for themselves leaving rubble crushing them like mash potatoes.

After all the twin towers will collide into pieces but so many people would’ve survived in safety. Well thats my way of seeing it if I had powers... Thank you for reading my story , I hoped you enjoy reading.

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