Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The girls rugby game ....?

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining there were no sign of rain and it was good for a intense rugby match. The Point England girls went out and represented us for rugby.... Against who you might ask? The mighty beasts Koru intermediate. They are located in the south side of auckland in the strong areas such Otahuhu , Mangere and Otara.

They had all types of girls. They had tall , short , fast and smart girls. So at 1:40 the girls started their game off with a big kick boom it goes down far. Jaylee did pretty big hits in the game she even injured some girls from Koru. Selina did good plays to get her team in there their territory.

The score was a tie three tries all. So of course this was going to be and hard and exciting. The hard work in training all had to pay off to steal a win. “Errrrrr”! The hooter went so Stephanie got the ball and kicked the ball out.

It went to overtime all their hearts were pounding and it could show. It was visible , Point England had to defend with ana and heart. They try to hold Koru back from scoring a try. But unfortunately Koru school won. “Hard luck” Point England I thought in my head.

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