Monday, February 27, 2012


We have been learning how to play the challenging sport called netball. We learned some valuable skills that may help us with netball and some other cool sports. We learned how to be swift and tricky, but also smart intercepting passes and winning defence.

To be honest my fitness is alright but not really up there. Are you good at fitness? I am trying to get into the habit of playing netball but I am used to rugby and other hardcore sports. I think if I try hard and go hard I will get fit and healthy.

One of the skills I really like is the chest pass. Its pretty straight forward really. You just put the ball on your chest then pass. It is really effective in a netball game. Some professional netball players use this skill.

OH bye the way, my class, Room 21 have been going to session on every Thursdays. Did I mention our mentor Liz. She is very skilled and awesome and talented. She has been showing us the skills that we have to this very day. So far I am enjoying Netball. I am looking forward to the future and learning new skills. NETBALL ROCKS!!!


  1. Hi James,

    I think that netball rocks to at first I was confused and didn't know where to go. But when I was sub I just kept watching and sort of got the idea of what to do. In the last paragraph you use to many and's it sort of gets boring so remember to not use the same word 3 times but apart from that everything else is fine.

  2. hi james:) i read your blog..pretty cool how you trying to play netball..pretty hardcore but it will keep you fit...keep up the good work dear:)

  3. Hey James! great writing darling! just next time please do a spell check before you post it out ok. keep up the good work..

  4. spell check" OH bye the way"ok James always proper english!

    1. Thanks Mum And Aunty that was useful.


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