Friday, February 17, 2012

Te Treaty Of Waitangi.

Back in 1840 on February the 6th, Maori and Pakeha agreed and signed a contract saying they will participate to protect their land. The reason was because there was a lot of disagreement and dislike between them.
When William Hobson Arrived to New Zealand he made a draft of the treaty.
.At the the first day William Hobson,James Busby,And Henry Williams were discussing out what they and the Maori would agree on. Unfortunately the Maori People did not know what the British Interests were. Henry Williams had to translate so that the Maori Tribes could understand and be happy with the British settlers. So the Maori agreed and signed the treaty. Then William Hobson the British Governor signed then the Maori and British came together as one. William Hobson made a speech He iwi tahi tatou we are all one people.

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