Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ikale Tahi Team.

The wonderful captain from the Ikale Tahi Tongan team , Finau Maka is a hard working man and he inspires me. He is good at organising his spectacular team. The word Ikale means eagle and the word Tahi means the sea.
In the world Tonga is ranked 13th. Losing two games to Canada,20-25 and to All Blacks, 41-10. They only won one game to Japan, 31-18.
The Ikale Tahi team is from Nuku Alofa, the capital of Tonga. As the captain Finau Maka said, if they win the world cup little Nuku Alofa will be big Nuku Alofa. Have you ever been to Tonga?
I hope that Tonga wins the rugby world cup. Work hard work smart and try your best. GO TONGA!!!

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  1. Hello James it is great to see that you are a very supportive fan for Tonga. They had some awesome games that will be remembered in our hearts. Keep Up The Great Work.


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