Friday, May 27, 2011

The Good Times Ahhh!!

In the recent past, two weeks ago to be exact, we said goodbye to a wonderful group of caring students from Tamaki College. They willingly put aside their class time and worked with us. Our leaders were kind, even though we were not always on the right track. They encouraged us to do some hair-raising activities that challenged us to trust our team mates.
My favourite activity was the orienteering, because we had to search for letters and put them together to make a word. This helped us to learn our way around the college, making it the best activity out of all the sessions.
We played a tiring game of bullrush, and I’m quite sure that I lost more than a couple of kilos. I am one skinny dude now! This helped me prepare for athletics and cross country.
I wish we could of kept on working with these kind, hard working students.

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