Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Deliberately and slowly marching,the Tarantula patrols through the desert as it is looking for its dinner. The horrible looking creature senses its prey from a meter away. Waiting and lurking the Tarantula pounces then strikes its victim with its poisines 2cm fangs.The powerful hunter enjoys its prey as it is eating.


  1. Hey James,

    That was a nice paragraph about the Tarantula. I like the part when you describe how the Tarantula blacks them out before it eats it pray. Well done.



  2. Hello James!

    My name is Matthew Poirier and I am a student at the University of Alabama in the city of Mobile. This is incredible! Spiders have always fascinated me, especially the Tarantula. I often research spiders online. I like how you wrote 'slow marching.' On nature shows, when spiders are about to catch their prey, but before they do they sit so silently, than suddenly... BANG! Before you even have time to react or blink the spider has its prey in its jaws. It is mind-boggling. Thank you for your post! I'm going to research spiders a bit more now.



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